Wild Forces Restoration Projects in 2014-2015

Wild Forces, Wild Campus’ volunteer corps, is a unified community of students and citizens who use their collective power to make meaningful impacts in the quality of wildlife habitat in their local community. They achieve this through a number of habitat restoration or creation events each year than anyone can attend.


Wild Forces Volunteers taking part in the MLK Jr. National Day of Service

Last year the group planted over 100 Oak seedlings, 30 Alders and 25 Willow cuttings in the UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve and we are gearing up for year full of great habitat restoration projects. We also removed over 100 lbs of litter from the reserve, improving habitat by eliminating hazards for wildlife. This year, we hope to focus our restoration efforts throughout the reserve. 

Wild Forces Volunteers Remove Litter From Putah Creek Flood Plain

We are a new group with a very tight budget, and although Wild Forces has over 350 members, we only have a handful of tools to work with. Because we have no shortage of able bodies willing to do the work, if we had twice as many tools, our impact each year would be doubled—it’s that simple.


Wild Forces Volunteers planting willows along the creek as part of the MLK Jr. National Day of Service

Please help us increase our impact by making a gift or donating used tools or other items on our wish list page. 

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