Wild Ambassadors: Marketing and Communications Team: Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

General Description:

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for the fulfilling design needs of various projects using Adobe Illustrator (or any other program that you are more comfortable using).

Responsibilities of all Team Members:

  • Attend mandatory weekly team meetings and find out what you missed from another Team Member if you must miss a meeting.
  • Write down the dates for all deadlines provided by your Team Leader in your calendar and set reminders.
  • Meet all deadlines your Team Leader has set in your team’s Action Plan, as well as any set by Directors.
  • Communicate any and all problems to your Team Leader, unless the problem involves this leader, in which case you should speak to your Director directly. We believe good communication is the key to a healthy organization, so please come forward about any issues that may arise immediately so a solution can be identified.
  • Alert your Director if you think the workload is not being shared equally by all Team Members.
  • Maintain organized digital documentation of your team’s activities as well as resources used during the year and regularly load them to the Smartsite.
  • Maintain list of people that your team encounters to further expand Wild Campus’ network using the template provided in the Wild Torch document.

Responsibilities of the Graphic Designer:

  • Design a cartoon-style drawing of a native species which will be blown up onto a 3’x5’ outdoor banner then cut out a hole where the faces of the animals are so people can pose as for a photo as that animal in our annual participation in the WFCB exhibit on Picnic Day which we call Wild-Pic-nic Day for obvious reasons.
  • Compose the look of the Wildflier, our annual newsletter, including an attractive, grabbing header with the slogan, “Good news spreads like…” then the publication title.
  • Design the flier for our annual celebration of native wildlife, Wild Family Day.


  • Must have graphic design experience.
  • Must have access to a computer with a graphic design program installed (Adobe Illustrator or similar) for the entire two quarters.
  • A genuine aspiration to change the world for the better.
  • A belief that individuals can make a difference, and that the difference is worth the effort.
  • Ability to work individually and within a larger team.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Actively seeks help from more knowledgeable sources and/or fellow members.



Fall Quarter:

  • Team Members selected near mid Fall Quarter.
  • Orientation Meeting — meet your fellow Team Members and get familiar with what Wild Campus does. First team meeting will be set for shortly after Orientation.
  • Create meeting schedule for remainder of quarter at first meeting.
  • Meet with the Marketing and Communication Advisor(s) to discuss the plan for the year.

Winter Quarter:

  • Begin brainstorming ideas for the Wild-Pic-nic Day photo-op banner.
  • Begin working on a few different potential styles for the Wildflier (just a front page header and footer, page border, font style, and picture borders), a two-sided full-color newsletter about Wild Campus’ activities.
  • Turn in rough draft of a minimum of three different Wildflier options to your Team Leader, who will send them along to your Advisor and the Directors for review. Your Team Leader will come back with the option that the Directors would like you to create a final draft from. Send the rough draft they choose to the Communication Coordinator, as they will be writing the actual content for the Wildflier.

Spring Quarter:

  • Continue attending weekly meetings.
  • Complete the Wild-Pic-nic Day photo-op banner prior to Picnic Day.
  • Coordinate with the Education and Outreach Team Leader in the design of an attractive, but grabbing flier for Wild Family Day.
  • Complete the Wildflier’s general design.The Communication Coordinator will send you the finalized content for the Wildflier, which you will work into your template in a visually appealing and consistent-looking way.
  • Turn in Wild Torch document (template provided) as your team’s final project.
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