Wild Naturalists

The Wild Naturalists are composed of six teams, each with a different taxonomic focus (Amphibian/Reptile Team, Bird Team, Fish Team, Insect Team, Mammal Team, and Plant Team). The Wild Naturalists will primarily be serving two roles: carrying out one or more Active Conservation Projects (predetermined according to the team’s multi-year plan) a year, most of which will be based within the Wild Reserve as well the Control Site (both located within the UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve just southwest of central campus), and performing various forms of monitoring within the Wild Reserve to assess the long-term impact that Wild Campus is having on the wildlife communities there.

For example, the Wild Naturalist Amphibian and Reptile Team’s Active Conservation Project for a given year might consist of the creation of hibernacula for Western Toads (Note: this is just an example, we have purposefully not listed the more engaging project we are seeking IACUC approval for, to prevent inaccurate setting of expectations), and the annual monitoring activities may include cover-boards, call-surveys, dip-netting, and/or basking traps (we hope to do all, pending approvals). Once we receive approval for the monitoring protocol for each team, it will remain the same year to year to allow for comparison and identification of trends.

If you are interested in joining one of the Wild Naturalist Teams, you can see the open positions HERE!

Or, if you are interested in sponsoring this program, fill out the sponsorship form to learn more.

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