Wild Reserve


Wild Campus is proud to announce the establishment of the Wild Reserve,  a site within the UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve which we will be stewarding over the years. Most Wild Naturalist Active Conservation Projects and Wild Forces habitat restoration/enhancement events will be located within this site each year, with the goal of maximizing the potential of this area to help local wildlife. The Wild Naturalists will be monitoring various populations of amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles each year in an attempt to gauge the long-term effects of our projects.

The site (outlined in yellow below) is about 550 meters (.35 miles) end to end and is located between Pedrick Road (Rd. 98) and Hopkins Road along Putah Creek just southwest of central UC Davis campus.

Our hope is to begin laying the foundation for a site that will enable us to tell the story of Davis’ wildlife through interpretive signage, as well as open up the possibility of providing guided tours to local schools. These tours would allow us to take the grade-school classes that have participated in our Adopt-a-Wild-Flat program full-circle—from growing the plants, to seeing the habitat they have helped create and catch a glimpse of the critters that continue to benefit from their hard work. We are still a long way off from this lofty goal, but we know that through the continued support of our caring community, this dream will one day be realized.


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